3 Big Mistakes You Can Make After an SSI Claim Denial


Well, you got it, your denial for your SSI claim! Argh!! What should you do next? Here is a list of the three biggest mistakes people make after receiving an SSI claim denial.

File a New Claim

There is a myth that says you have to file a claim at least three times before your SSI claim will be accepted. It is easy to see why and how this myth caught hold. Social Security is notorious for not approving appropriate claims the first time around. However, you would be doing yourself a disservice by filing a new SSSI claim as your first response to a denial of benefits.

The main reason you would want to avoid this course of action is that your chances of success do not go up in filing a new claim vs. filing an appeal. All things being equal, this might not matter much. However, all things are not equal. Namely, the back-pay you would ultimately receive if and when your appeal is successful.

When you file a new SSI claim your date of application changes to the new filing date. Whereas, when you appeal a denial, your date-of-claim remains the same, and your future awards will be back-dated to that claim-date.


Miss The Deadline to Appeal

We would not be listing this if it did not happen entirely too often. Missing the deadline for an appeal is an avoidable gaffe. However, there could be many reasons someone might miss it. From simply accidentally trashing the notice in the junk mail, to outright avoiding the notice due to the dread of what it might contain.

Most often the deadline is missed because claimants have an underlying uneasiness in appealing a decision made by the Social Security Administration. That makes sense, from a young age we are taught to accept authority, and what’s more authoritative than a massive government agency? Here’s the truth though, Social Security gets these initial claims decisions wrong, often. Like very often!

You can fight them, and you can win. In fact, you do not even have to be the one doing 99% of the fighting. Reach out for help; appeals are what we are here to help you overcome.


Accept the SSI Claim Determination and Quit Trying

As we discussed briefly above, you do not have to agree and take the SSI determination as truth. Their denial may be uninformed, or under-informed for many reasons. They may have denied you due to a mix-up in the US-Mail, an ambiguous doctor’s note, a mistake on an application, and so on. The reasons for the denial are much longer than the reasons for approval, sadly.

When you work with an experienced SSI law firm, you benefit from the vast number of cases and ways in which they have helped applicants just like you to overcome SSI’s denials. There’s an adage that says there’s no replacement for experience. In the world of Social Security, that is true! Experience gives a firm like Lilac City Law the knowledge of how many ways Social Security can screw-up an initial determination, and it provides us with the insight necessary to fight them and win.