The ‘First’ Worst Letter You Will Get From Social Security

“Dear Applicant…Based on a review of your health problems you do not qualify for benefits on this claim.  This is because you are not disabled under our rules… We have determined that your condition is not severe enough to keep you from working…~Social Security”

This is the denial letter you don’t want to get from Social Security.  There’s more information specific to your claim in the letter.  However, this language is common to all disability denials.   It says that for whatever reason Social Security chose to list in the letter, and possibly for other reasons, they (SSA) doesn’t believe that you rate Disability Benefits.


But you are disabled, right?

You can’t work because of your injuries, you haven’t worked in months.   It’s very possible you have a hard time taking care of basic tasks, including the hoops the SSA required in filing the initial claim.  And now you have to deal with this?!?

As much as it hurts to be turned away for an impairment that stops you from working, you’re in good company.  We already know that Social Security denies about 70% of claims at the initial stage.   Statistically, you’re on track to get your claim approved if you stick with it.  This denial letter is par for the course, it seems.

Sticking with your claim can be a gut check though.  You have a short period of time to file your appeal.  You want to make sure you start to line up the support you’re going to need for your hearing, and whatever else may follow.  If you’re not careful your claim can spin away from your control and you can easily miss deadlines.

What to Consider in Response of your Denial Letter

Another thing to consider is the risks of being too careful and meticulous.  Questions could arise about the real impediment your disabilities present.  If you’re able to successfully navigate and pursue a disability claim appeal on your own, maybe you aren’t “that” disabled.  It’s a perverse coincidence that a system designed to provide support for a disability is so full of barriers to achieving that benefit for those with disabilities themselves.  Unless those with disabilities get help from someone else, SSA seems to want to play a cat and mouse game.

You can still achieve a positive outcome in this.

If you have received one of these “It’s not us, it’s you” letters, the first thing you should do is take a breath.  There are hundreds of thousands of disability recipients who received the same letter and were eventually granted benefits.  The second thing to do, seek help, even if it’s in the form of a free consultation.   The clock is ticking on your claim.  It’s not dead, but it will be if you take too much time to start your appeal.

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