Social Security Myth #1

“You have to apply three times and then you win”

Did you know that you have to apply three times before you win a Social Security Disability claim?  Well, that’s the rumor.  This particular rumor is a common theme, or curse, in many discussions about claim denials. Though the idea is mostly false, it has enough truth to it to make it believable to those recently denied disability.

We’ve already talked about the odds of achieving success at each level of your Social Security Disability claim in some of our other articles.  Keeping it simple, if you were to look at all the claims put in for Social Security Disability, you would see about 30% are awarded at the initial application level.  From this perspective, it seems to follow that you have a one in three chance each time you apply… By the third time, you’ll have a great chance of achieving a successful outcome.  And a myth is born…

The Truth…

There are a lot of great reasons why this is not an accurate perspective.  But let’s assume it is in fact true, and the myth is therefore true.  Furthermore, let’s assume, this is the direction you want to go.  On your third application, you achieve success and are awarded your disability claim.  Is this the best possible method you could have used?  Applying multiple times.  Is this the method with the highest likelihood of success?  Is it the best outcome financially and support wise?

The short answer is no & no & no & no.  This “3rd Time’s a Charm” method would not have provided you with the best overall chance of success.  And it certainly wouldn’t have provided you with the greatest level of benefits, financial or otherwise.  At best you’re getting the award a couple of months faster IF you get the award at all.  Why gamble when there is really a very little benefit to doing so?

Continuing to Break it Down

You may be awarded on the third time you apply for benefits.  You might be awarded Disability Benefits on the second, first, or even fourth time as well.  But it is not the best approach.  This approach doesn’t provide the greatest likelihood of success.  And it does not provide you with the greatest level of support or benefits to keep re-filing a claim.  Look below to see your chances at the initial claim when compared to pursuing an appeal.

Your best bet is to speak with an advocate that understands this, and will talk about the approval rates where you live.

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