9 Ways A Disability Lawyer Will Help You in Your SSI or SSDI appeal.

If you have applied for Social Security Income (SSI) and have received a denial letter, you may be wondering if a disability lawyer can appeal the decision for you. 

The answer is yes.  Now is the best time to hire a disability lawyer if you have not already done so.

Here are 9 excellent reasons and ways a disability lawyer will help you in your SSI or SSDI appeal.

  1. Statistics show that having a disability attorney when appealing a denial of SSI, raises your chances of winning your appeal. You can win without representation, but it has been shown that having a disability lawyer represent you helps.
  2. Social Security Disability lawyers have experience working with social security. They will be knowledgeable about timelines and guidelines as well as what evidence is needed to strengthen your case.  You only have 60 days to appeal your denial.  Day one starts when you receive your letter.
  3. Your lawyer will read through your denial letter and determine the exact reasons you were denied. They will also request your original claim file and look for any errors that may have been made.  It lets them see what evidence you submitted and will give them an idea of what needs to be added.
  4. Disability lawyers will gather additional medical evidence for you to strengthen your case. They will speak with medical professionals on your behalf and collect medical records, x-ray reports, lab reports, etc. from your primary doctor, urgent cares, and emergency rooms that have treated you for your disability.  They will also collect reports from any physical or occupational therapy you have completed or are still doing for your disability.
  5. Your lawyer will also collect opinions from your medical doctor. Your medical records will show what your disability is, but the opinions of your doctor will allow SSA to see what your ability to work is according to a medical professional.
  6. You will not have to worry about filling out all of the tedious paperwork or write your appeal letter on your own. Your disability lawyer will take care of that for you.  They will ensure that nothing on your paperwork will harm your odds of winning your appeal.
  7. Your disability lawyer will prepare you for questioning during the hearing. Having to speak in front of a judge can be nerve-racking, but your lawyer will tell what types of questions to expect and help you form answers that will not be detrimental.
  1. At the hearing, your disability lawyer will question the vocational experts. Vocational experts are people that hired by Social Security to testify on your ability to perform your job. You can represent yourself, but a disability lawyer will know the right kinds of questions to ask to prove your case.
  2. Social Security Disability lawyers are familiar with the Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) who oversee SSI cases. They know what the ALJ is looking for and what types of evidence to provide to make a strong cas

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