Top 5 Tips on Filing a Disability Claim for Pseudoclaudication

Living with back pain can be immensely hard and, at times, all but impossible. For those who suffer from pseudoclaudication, dealing with extreme back pain is a daily struggle.

The cramping in the lower back, hips, and legs can lead to individuals having to cause you to put your entire life on hold to deal with your symptoms.

Fortunately, if you are living with this disorder, you can get financial help in the form of a Social Security Disability Claim.

Here are five tips on filing a disability claim for your pseudoclaudication.

Start Your Disability Claim as Soon as You Can

The time between filing a disability claim and receiving benefits can be anywhere from 3 months to 3 years.

If you suffer from pseudoclaudication and you think you may qualify for benefits, it is vital that you begin the process as soon as you possibly can.

The sooner you file, the sooner you can receive the help you need.

Get a Formal Diagnosis and a Second Opinion

You may be sure of your pseudoclaudication — but, without a licensed doctor’s report, it can be difficult to prove you’re deserving of the help you need.

If you’re considering filing a disability claim, the entire process will run a lot smoother if you have an official diagnosis on file.

Visit your doctor and talk to them about your concerns and about receiving a diagnosis for your condition.

Also, you should keep in mind that getting a second opinion is always an option and that you should never be afraid to seek out extra help.

Have Your Medical Records On Hand

The process of filing a disability claim is tedious and time-consuming, because of that, it helps to stay organized.

Even if you are only thinking about filing a claim, you should always keep a copy of any and all your medical records on hand. At any point during the claims process, you may need to provide evidence of treatments, procedures, or even of an official diagnosis. A good disability lawyer will do this for you!

Stay Organized

Filing a disability claim can feel a bit like jumping through bureaucratic hoops sometimes.

To help stave off the inevitable frustration and confusion you must remain organized. Keep all your records that pertain to your case in the same place and make sure you have everything clearly and concisely labeled.

By staying organized you’ll be able to better keep your wits about you no matter what hoops the Social Security Administration throws your way.

Hire a Lawyer

Finally, trying to take on something as complex as a disability claim all by yourself can be both daunting and trying. On top of that, by going it alone, you’re on one hand telling SSA that you cannot work, and on the other hand, showing you can successfully pursue work like activity (representing people – aka yourself – in a disability claim).

If you’re suffering from Pseudoclaudication or other back pains, you already have enough to deal with — let a trained professional handle the rest.

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