Characteristics of Successful Social Security Lawyers

When filing for Social Security disability, you should strongly consider hiring a Social Security lawyer. There are different types of disability lawyers that specialize in different types of disability claims, but Social Security lawyers are unique in that they specialize in fighting for you against the Social Security Administration.

When fighting a claim, and appeal, with the Social Security Administration there are a lot of potential pitfalls and mistakes that an unwary applicant can stumble upon. Our thought is that if you can get to know a little bit more about the role Social Security lawyers play in winning Social Security claims appeals; perhaps we can help guide you to reach out and ask for help in your disability appeal.

More to that last point, if we can help you in identifying who great Social Security lawyers are, by the traits that make them successful, you can make sure that when you decide to reach out for help, you are confident that you are talking to the best advocate for your disability claim.

Without more delay, here are seven traits and habits of highly effective Social Security lawyers.

Social Security Lawyers with Expertise & Experience

Law firms and Social Security lawyers that have had many years of practice in Social Security have a definite advantage in successfully pursuing claims. Social Security law is a bulk business. Successful Social Security lawyers often have thousands of cases to draw from in creating a strategy and pursuing an angle to get your appeal heard, accepted, and granted.

A second benefit of having an experienced Social Security lawyer represent you is that by the fact that they have been doing this law long enough to get the experience, they have a system set up so that things do not just fall through the cracks. They do not miss deadlines. They do not forget to bring up essential items, relevant and pertinent to your disability appeal.

Your Social Security Lawyer Treats You with Respect

Effective Social Security lawyers will ask the right questions and take the time to listen to your answers. They will make sure they understand your situation and portray your struggle when representing your claim.

Effective social security lawyers also listen with sensitivity when you are explaining your situation and reasons for needing to claim social security.

You should feel like you have been heard and that you are in good hands, after your conversation with a prospective Social Security lawyer. Note, this should also be the first of many conversations you have. You should be receiving updates, notes, even newsletters. Communication = respect.

An Honest Social Security Lawyer

Social Security lawyers who give you straight answers, honestly assess your situation and do not guarantee you approval is sometimes hard to find. If you were to go by television commercials or other advertisements, you might think Social Security appeals are a done deal if you just hire the “right” person.

In reality, many factors will influence the difficulty of your Social Security claim appeal. You should get a fair and honest shake from your attorney regarding the likelihood of success, potential risks, and realistic timelines.

Are your Social Security Lawyers Available?

Social security lawyers are busy people, but even if your lawyer is not available, someone in the office should be able to help you. If not, then they should return your calls promptly. Many times, you will have a contact person to help answer any questions you may have or to get messages to the lawyer for you.

In regards to your claim, whether you have a small update, or major news to break, getting ahold of someone should not be difficult. Again, you will see that experienced and successful Social Security lawyers have systems in place to make sure communication is an open door and a two-way door.

Professionalism is Paramount

No matter how busy Social Security lawyers, or the firms, are – they should always treat you in a courteous manner.

You should receive prompt and polite communication, and you should expect knowledgeable and honest advice from start to finish. At this point, you can probably see some patterns developing in our list!

Dedication To Your Disability Appeal

Your lawyer should be dedicated to your case. No matter how long your case takes, a great Social Security lawyer will work with you from the beginning of it to the end. Be wary of Social Security lawyers or law firms that seem to treat you as a number, or do not take the time to get to know your claim.

Successful Social Security Lawyers Build Partnerships and Teams for Success

You are a partner in your claim, as well as the main advocate. However, other lawyers at the firm may be involved, paralegals as well. Your doctor(s), therapists, family, and others might also play a role in your Social Security appeal. Successful Social Security lawyers build this group into a team. They create partnerships and leverage the relationships in those partnerships to create the strongest possible case for your appeal.

Look for a team builder, a partnership creator, and ultimately someone you trust as the Social Security lawyer to represent you in your disability appeal.

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