¿Cuánto cuesta un abogado de discapacidad del Seguro Social en Spokane, WA?

5 razones por las que el Seguro Social denegó su reclamo por discapacidad cuando su médico dijo que estaba discapacitado

For some, the concern about the cost of a great social security disability lawyer stops them from ever even picking up the phone to find out. We would all love to have the best disability attorney that money can buy, right!  But, we all remember that line, "tienes lo que pagas…"

Sin embargo, ¿creerías que en el mundo de los abogados de discapacidad del Seguro Social, no es así en absoluto?

You Can Hire a World-Class Social Security Disability Lawye

Hemos cubierto de muchas formas cómo puede identificar quién es un abogado de seguridad social de calidad vs alguien a quien deberías echarle un vistazo más.  In fact, we’ve even covered how a lot of Social Security lawyers ni siquiera están ubicados en la ciudad!  But, we’ve never covered how usted lata poder pagar trabajar con cualquiera de ellos.

That’s, right.  Whether they are a 5-Star, world-class Abogado de Seguridad Social, or a brand new graduate from law school.  We know you can afford them because as an industry, todos cobramos lo mismo.  And that’s been codificado en la ley.

Todos los abogados de discapacidad del Seguro Social cobran las mismas tarifas

Social Security Disability lawyers work on contingency.  This is different than other types of law, or lawyers who you might hire on a retainer like basis.   By this, we mean, many people often have a concept of lawyers being like an investment.   You pay into them, sometimes a lot of money, and they’ll either save you money (in mitigated costs) or earn you money (in lawsuit $) in the long run.

This couldn’t be further from the truth with Social Security Disability Lawyers, and that’s probably a good thing.  Remember, with SSI claims, claimants are in situations where they are asset restricted.  Meaning, there is a máximo income and asset profile for these benefits.  Even when talking about SSDI claims, most often claimants don’t have the personal assets to retain an attorney.

Fortunately, for the purposes of appealing a Social Security Disability claim, it costs you $0 to hire an attorney.  Whether they are the best, the worst, or someone in-between… it costs the same.

Lo mejor, lo peor, alguien intermedio

The fact that Social Security Disability lawyers earn a living on contingency of getting your claim awarded, puts you as the claimant, and the consumer in an advantageous position.  You can shop around and find the right fit.

Take Spokane, for instance.  In Spokane, there are a number of Social Security Disability Lawyers and law firms.  We happen to believe Lilac City Law is the best Social Security law firm in Spokane, but of course, we would.

Since all of the firms cost the same, you get to figure out which one you’d rather work with.  Don’t take too long though, as your claim/appeal is very dependent on making sure many things are done in the proper order and within their respective deadlines.

Entonces, ¿cuánto me costará un abogado de discapacidad del Seguro Social y cuándo?

We don’t want to mislead you in believing representation won’t have a fee.  It will, if we win.  But being that the fee is contingent upon a successful outcome, it will fall within a range depending on your claim.  That range, however, is capped at $6,000.

So, let’s start with that cap.  The most you’ll ever pay for Social Security Disability representation, if successful on your appeal, is $6,000.  And that $6,000 will most likely be deducted from your bulk payment award.

Pero ... ¿Qué pasa si mi pago atrasado es inferior a $6,000?

That’s an excellent question.  The cap as discussed above is in reality a maximum fee. You would not be paying that unless you had a back payment greater than ~$24,000.  This is because la tarifa para todas las reclamaciones es 25% de la indemnización por pago atrasado con el límite de $6,000.

Romperlo por mí

Escenario #1: Let’s say you are awarded on appeal for 18 months of back-payment for an SSI Claim.  Your award will be in the ~$18k.  The fees charged for your claim will be based on 25% of your award.    $4,500 (de la concesión, no de su bolsillo)

Escenario #2: Your claim is awarded on appeal and you will be getting approximately $5k in back payment.  The representation fees will be based on 25% of your award: 25% of $5k = $1,250 (de la concesión, no de su bolsillo)

Escenario #3: Your claim is awarded on appeal and you will be receiving about ~$80k in back payment.  The representation fees will be based on 25% of your award but they will be capped at $6,000.  Honorarios de abogado = $6,000 (de la adjudicación, no de su bolsillo)

 * sin el límite, ¡estaría pagando ~ $20k en tarifas! 


¿Necesita ayuda con su reclamo por discapacidad?

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