¿Cuánto ganaré por discapacidad?

¿Cuánto ganaré por discapacidad?

You’ll see this question online in other blogs.  Most of the time it will be phrased differently though.  Instead of saying, “how much will I make on disability,” attorneys or agencies will phrase it in the form of “what will my compensation be if…”  But whether you’re deciding to file a claim, or deciding to file an appeal to denial, the financial consideration is very much a piece of information you need to know.  For that reason, let’s dispense with couched language and talk frankly about Social Security Compensation for a bit.

Compensación del Seguro Social (SSI)

Social Security Compensation for SSI is fixed at a standard rate that is established every year.  Most years there is a cost of living (COLA) increase.  In recent history, the payout for an individual who is receiving this benefit is roughly 20% of the average wage.  Índice de salario medio.  For couples, the compensation hovers around 30% of the average individual wage.

Tenga en cuenta que una pareja casada, ambos que reciben SSI, recibirán aproximadamente 75% de lo que recibirían dos personas solteras.

Monthly Social Security Compensation compared to average monthly compensation

Compensación del Seguro Social (discapacidad)

Social Security Compensation for SSDI is a little harder to peg because it is based on your wage earning history.  There are online calculators to help you figure out what your award might be.  Here’s one from la Administración del Seguro Social.  For the sake of discussion, we did the research and found that the Social Security Administration paid out a monthly average of $1165 en 2016 a los beneficiarios de SSDI.  That is about $13,980 per year or 30% of the Average Monthly Income.  Of course, higher or lower earnings history will skew this number up or down in your claim, this is an average.

So here’s the flat truth on this.  You no son going to be making a lot of cash on these benefits.  But, the cash benefits you will receive may be the difference between zero income and some income and that cannot be understated.

Another factor to consider is that succeeding in pursuing these benefits has more benefit than the face value of the monthly cash in the bank.  The financial benefit at the end of the road is only part of the overall picture.

Compensación en formularios distintos al efectivo

Aquí hay un ejemplo: préstamos para estudiantes

Student loan debt will not go away.  It will chase you the rest of your life.  You can’t typically discharge or get forgiven of these loans.  Even though bankruptcy.   In addition to this, sla deuda por préstamos de los estudiantes también está creciendo.  Depending on how you read the data, between 17-25% of those that owe student loan payments are either past due or in default.

Among those that are TBD and receiving a social security award, the default rate is 46%.  There seems to be a link between total disability and ability to pay down student loan debt.  This may be related to the monthly compensation rates?

Si se determina que está total y permanentemente discapacitado (TPD), puede solicitar que le condonación de la deuda de préstamos estudiantiles federales.  In a real-life scenario, this would free up a couple of hundred dollars per month.

Este beneficio, y otros similares, deben tenerse en cuenta en la discusión de cuánto ganará por discapacidad (SSI / SSDI).

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